Random Shop Notes - FAQ

Below we are just going to put random shop notes. Kind of like a Q & A. We will add to them as we think of them.

Yes you can swap colors

It is very important to know that every kit we sell has very specific colors listed as our standard kit but color swaps are allowed but you cannot ask for a striped color if buying a solid kit. First we try and sell combo kits made up of 6-8 and 10 wire colors so you can save over buying one by one. We in general carry 13-14 solid colors and if you buy any solid kits you can ask us to send any of those. For striped kits we stock 157 colors with 143 of them striped in 16 GXL, 18 GXL and 20 TXL and you can choose any of them.

IMPORTANT that you send an email immediately after you buy with your colors so we can ship your choices.

What lengths do we sell? 

Our standard lengths are 5-10-25-50 and 100 feet with any length over 100 feet coming on a spool. All others come in coils. We can price any lengths in between just send us an email at info@4rcustomswire.com

NOTE. We sell kits to help buyers save $ but cannot list every possible length. The longest kits we sell are 25 foot but to help customers wanting longer lengths like 50 foot just buy two 25 foot kits and ask us to cut in single 50 foot lengths and we will be happy to do so.

One we get all the time is what is the difference between GXL and TXL. Short answer is TXL is thinner. Harley uses TXL from the factory but we found shops like the GXL better because it holds up better during tough installations.

All our stripes are spiral so do not run down the wire in a straight line

All our stripes are spiral so do not run down the wire in a straight line. We think it makes it easier to see when you are looking at a bundle.

  • All our automotive striped wire is pure copper and made in the USA.
  • Our wire is stranded not solid copper so has flexibility and not rigid.
  • Specs meet all major motorcycle, car and truck requirements.