12X Black Deutch DT Series Connector Set 16-18-20 SOLID Nickel Terminals

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This is a simple listing for a 12x set of Deutsch DT series connectors in the color black (need a gray or black in 2x-3x-4x-6x-8x-12x we have them all in our store).

Connector numbers are dt04-2p-e004 and dt06-2s-e004.

Terminal numbers are 0462-201-16141 and 0460-202-16141.

These are a ready to use matching set for 16-18-20ga wire.

Deutsch is one of the leaders in manufacturing connectors for racing-motorcycles-cars and heavy cat equipment and much more.

These are easy to use and watertight.

We also sell the crimpers, insertion and removal tools for these in oem and generic styles so you have a wide range of pricing available.

We sell lots of different brands and tooling along with wiring and installation supplies

Bob R