Over the years we have had to pull wire from our shelf's if they do not meet our quality control standards.

Some have a stripe that is dull, flakey, or has spatter on it.

Others wires during spooling at the factory rub against a machine part so have a light scratch on it (not a cut).

Some of the wires are on full spools from the manufacture so we know the lengths but some are from spools that were good until we removed some footage. We will figure the length estimates buy weighing them so please do not hold us the foot. We will be as honest as we can and always try and stay on the low end when we estimate.

There will be some on small spools that ran short when we were making up 100 foot spools. We will also be listing coils of wire.

We currently have and are discounting by as much as 50%.


Thank you,

Bob R